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What kind of apartments can I find at HOPE Apartments?

Whether you are looking to rent a minimalistic and charming single flat, a generous family home or a stylish designer loft, accessible or not, we aim to always have some of everything on offer! They are usually furnished with passion for detail and will make you feel like home.

How are the apartments equipped?

Our furnished flats are equipped with basics like crockery, beddings, towels, dishwasher, washing machine and internet.

What is the difference between HOPE Apartments and online booking plattforms?

Our company is a sustainable and solid managed family business. Once you moved in, we are there for you throughout your tenancy, be it for small repairs, the reporting of damages or just little favours like the redirecting of your mail.

How does it work with the hand over and the final cleaning?

Before your moving in and after your moving out the apartment will be cleaned by our professional cleaning team. Every tenant pays for the cleaning after his moving out. The minimum time is 4 hours, per hour we charge 25 Euro.

How can I avoid high final cleaning costs?

We recommend to engage a professional cleaning service. In our experience this helps to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the tenancy. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange this for you.


How can I send a request for a specific apartment I would like to rent?

You can choose the home of your choice and send us a request, just click on the button in the ad

I looked around but did not find an apartment which suits to my needs, how can I proceed?

If you didn’t find anything you like you can contact us via our contact form and tell us what you are looking for. Once you have found the flat you like, we can arrange for a viewing. Whether you are in Berlin or at the other end of the world – we can show you the flat – either in person or per skype.

How can I apply for an apartment I would like to rent?

Please fill in our rental application form, in which we also explain, what we need from you. You can send your application via post or email to info@hope-apartments.de

What if something gets broken in the apartment?

We will ask you, if you have got a personal liability insurance which covers damages to the interior. If you are not sure, please ask us and we will help you with this.

How does everything work after signing the rental contract?

Once you have signed the contract you will need to pay your deposit and first months rent. We put your deposit in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme. Then we arrange with you a day and time for your Check-In. This includes a thorough handover where we inspect the flat together and record the state of the flat. This is to ensure that you only are liable for defects you may cause during your tenancy. We will give you another 2 working days time to report any defects which weren’t visible or detectable during the handover. If you experience problems with domestic appliances, water, heating or the doorbell, just give us a ring or send us an email and we’ll do our best to sort out things quickly. When your tenancy ends we will arrange a day and time for your Check-Out. We will again check with you the state of the flat and record any damages you might be liable for. We will read the meters and calculate your usage. We will facilitate a final cleaning which you will need to pay for as stated in the rental agreement. If everything is fine, you will get your deposit back within a few days.


Do you have any further questions?

Please contact us, we are happy to help!

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