Voluntary work

We believe by giving back to the community you create a happier life for others and yourself. Our philosophy is to help others and make this world a better place. We socially engage in various organizations.

Berliner Tafel e.V.

We are currently supporting and working with three different organizations. One of which is the Berliner Tafel. For years Urs has been an active member of this organization and is still supporting it financially. Since 1993 the Berliner Tafel is a registered association, which is committed to helping people in need, mainly homeless people. The organization provides food, mostly for free and sometimes for a very small amount of recompense.

With as little as 33 Euros per year it is possible to support the association. With less than 3 Euros per month you become a member. While supporting the association financially is one way of helping, it is also possible to become an active member and help out physically. The Berliner Tafel has now over 2000 members out of which 25 percent are actively helping. Furthermore it is possible to help without paying any fees.


Freiabonnements for female prisoners

Ilaria is working with the Freiabonnements for female prisoners (Freiabonnements für Gefangene e.V.), in Berlin-Lichtenberg. This project is helping woman with a migration background while cooking together once a month. Some female helpers are cooking with a group of women. The cooking group focusses on healthy foods, which is affordable at the same time. Through this project the women have a possibility to sit together once a month and escape the prison routine.



The organization compassion is helping kids in need all over the world since 60 years. With compassion you are directly taking care of children functioning as their personal caregiver. Together, Ilaria and Urs are supporting four children. The organization is working in 25 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Germany is one out of twelve partnering countries.


Alabaster Jar e.V.

Alabaster Jar e.V. was founded in 2006 and helps women that work in prostitution. Urs and Ilaria support this club financially but also physically, by e.g. providing premises.

A Bleistift For Everyone GgmbH

Hope Apartments supports non-profit organization „A Bleistift For Everyone“, which mission is to improve education in underfunded countries such as Tanzania and Pakistan. Education is a privilege in some countries around the world. It’s not possible for all children to receive a basic and future-oriented school education, because it requires funding. It could be generated through sales of colorful pencils and college blocks in privileged countries like Germany as well as through donations. This little input could help children to change their lives for the better. More info about current projects of #ABFE is on their website.

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