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The vacation apartment - But what exactly is it?

A furnished apartment rented for vacation purposes is a vacation apartment. This is a short rental period, because in the case the tenant lives in the apartment only for the vacations. Most often, there is a flat rate here, for example, prices per night. A vacation apartment should give the tenant the opportunity to cater for himself. Accordingly, there should be an equipped kitchen. The limited rental period and the tourist purpose are decisive here. In contrast to a furnished apartment, a vacation apartment is not used permanently. An apartment is rented out for a longer period of time.
Furnished apartments may also not be rented to tourists. In Berlin, the issue is highly regulated. In most apartments, it is unfortunately not possible to rent them out as vacation apartments. You can find more details about this in the 4th section: Legal regulations.

Furnished apartment vs. vacation apartment

Furnished apartments and vacation rentals at first glance do not seem to have much difference, yet there are some characteristics that distinguish from each other . One is the target group. The “Wohnen auf Zeit” system is for tenants who, for example, have to or want to live in Berlin for a limited but longer period of time due to professional reasons. A vacation apartment, on the other hand, is mainly rented by tourists or others who are only in Berlin for a short time. Temporary apartments are based on normal rental prices and the additional costs that come with it. With vacation apartments, on the other hand, tenants pay per night. Thus, a vacation apartment generates higher income per night. Due to the short rental period, tenants change regularly, which is why we, as managers, have better control over the good standing of your condominium. Furnished apartments for temporary living, on the other hand, are occupied for the long term.

Your advantages of renting your vacation apartment with

Our sister company offers you a full service when it comes to the successful rental of your vacation apartment. Your vacation apartment will be attractively and modernly equipped. Our ingenious Smart Home System gives us as the manager and you as the owner the opportunity to rent out easily and quickly. Through seasonal price increases we ensure a high return on investment. We take over the management of your vacation home and thus relieve you 100%. We also take care of the marketing. Through short distances to craftsmen and cleaning companies, we ensure that guest changes are possible on the same day.

Regulations for vacation rentals

It is important to comply with legal requirements. A vacation home requires a permit. We also support you with all the paperwork and thus take the work out of your hands. We are happy to advise you to find the perfect system for you.

Renting out a condominium as a vacation home is a misappropriation in the state of Berlin and may only be rented out as a vacation home with a permit. The permit is applied for at the district office of Berlin. An apartment that is permanently misused as a vacation home is a change of use requiring a building permit. Accordingly, a building permit for this type of change of use must always be applied for at the relevant building authority. A Berlin main apartment may be rented out to tourists by the occupant in his absence. A secondary residence may be rented out as a vacation home for a maximum of 90 days per year. With the pre-approval of the responsible district office, a registration number is also issued. This must always be indicated when marketing, this applies in particular to marketing on Internet portals. If a vacation apartment is rented out, the tenant must pay a city tax in Berlin at the price per night. In Berlin, this is 5% of the price of the overnight stay. The City-Tax promotes tourism in larger cities.

Berlin professionals rent vacation apartments

We are your competent management for the rental of your vacation apartment. All the services you need landlord from a single source! Our sister company has a full-service package for the successful rental of your vacation apartment. Our team will ensure that your vacation apartment is optimally adapted to the season and will also generate a high return on investment. We take care of all the services you need as a landlord. From the optimal equipment to the seasonal price control and short ways to craftsmen and cleaning companies – we take care of everything. As a landlord, you don’t need to worry about your vacation home.


We are Berlin professionals when it comes to renting out your vacation apartment. The landlords are organized in the Apartment Allianz and exchange there professional topics, such as operation and approval of vacation apartments. The Apartment Allianz Berlin also serves as a network for the long-term rental of furnished apartments. The association deals with important topics of the industry, such as the rent cap or the Zweckentfremdungsverbotsgesetz. We are also a member of Apartment Allianz Berlin. You can find more information about Apartment Allianz Berlin here.


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