Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information for Landlords

Why work with Hope Apartments and not advertise yourself?
There are many online platforms that you can use as a private landlord/landlady. However, putting your apartment online is onlythe beginning and half the battle. Viewings, handovers and cleaning appointments are not organized by these platforms.
At Hope Apartments, we see ourselves as an apartment management and advertising agency in one. Our professionally advertised apartments, presented on our own website as well as on all leading online portals, effectively stand out from the crowd.
In addition, you benefit from our exclusive partnerships with companies that provide us with highly reliable tenants. The average rental period is 4-12 months.
During the rental period, we ensure that your apartment is regularly maintained and serviced. Many tenants take advantage of our professional cleaning service, thus preventing surprises at the end of the rental period.
You no longer need an SEV contract (see glossary). Since we agree on a flat-rate rent with the tenants, which includes all costs and is only charged in the event of extreme consumption, there is also no need for you to pay the operating costs.

What does our all-inclusive carefree service package include?

  • Unlimited advertisement on all leading portals with high coverage
  • Creation of professional images
  • Professional marketing
  • Verification of personal data & liquidity of tenants
  • Organization of viewing appointments
  • Legally verified rental contracts
  • Legally valid apartment handovers
  • Inventory and meter reading checks
  • Organization and settlement of interim and final cleaning with tenants
  • Maintenance and repair of technical equipment and inventory

What does our all-inclusive carefree service package cost?
Our service fees are per month and amount to 20% of the warm rent (plus VAT) per rented month. For apartments with a warm rent over 2000 Euro per month we offer special conditions, we will be happy to make you an appropriate offer. The commission is a profit-sharing fee, it only accrues when the property is rented. If there is a rare vacancy, there is no fee.

Example: For the period for which we rent your apartment for 1250 Euro per month, your rental income will be 952.50 Euro per month.

How does the billing work?
The rent is transferred to your account on a monthly basis. Our service fees are either deducted from the rent and transferred to your account or invoiced.
The tenant’s deposit is paid into a deposit account (sub-account with us).
We take care of settlement in case of possible damages (See “What happens if something is broken or missing”) and the refund of the deposit (or the difference) to the tenants after your agreement.

What happens when something breaks or is missing?
We will take care of repair and replacement of your inventory. In order to be able to check the condition of your apartment equipment during the handovers, we need an inventory list. If you do not prepare it yourself, we will be happy to do it for you. The costs are between 75-150 Euro.

Who takes care of technical problems?
In case of technical problems where only a professional can help, for example if the washing machine breaks down, we will organize an appointment with the professionals and inform you about further procedures. For small repairs, such as replacing a light bulb, cleaning drains, internet problems, we send our own team and charge the owner for the effort.

What do I have to consider when furnishing my apartment?
We are happy to advise you on the furnishing of your apartment and know where you should rather invest more and for which furniture the cheaper option is the better choice. If you wish, our furnishing team will also take care of the delivery and assembly of the furniture or make individual fixtures (e.g. wall cabinets). If you want to entrust someone with the overall design of your apartment, we will gladly arrange budget-safe interior designers for you. Let us surprise you with original and tailor-made furnishing ideas that have already proven themselves many times over in our rentals.

If you are moving out of Berlin for several years and want to rent out your own apartment, we have the following recommendations for you:

  • Kitchen: if previously used privately, clean out as much as possible: the principle “less is more” applies here, otherwise the final cleanings will be too time-consuming.
  • Per bed
    • max. 2-3 matching sets of bed linen (white / gray non-iron bed linen)
    • mattress protectors (medium quality)
    • light-colored bedspreads (one per bed)
  • Empty bookshelves to a maximum of 1/3, otherwise they will look too empty
  • If possible, refrain from leaving your houseplants in the apartment, as there is a risk of them dying.
  • Internet connection, as we rent only including internet. If you already have an internet contract, it is best not to cancel it.

When is 7% short-term rental tax due?
Since 01.01.2010, the VAT rate of 7% applies to short-term rentals of apartments for up to six months in accordance with Par. 12 Par. 2 No. 11 UStG.
This means that if you regularly rent out apartments for less than 6 months and make a profit of more than 17,500 euros per year from renting out your apartment, you may have to pay 7% VAT on your rental income to the tax office. Small entrepreneurs with a turnover of less than 17,500 euros are exempt from this regulation. The small business regulation does not apply to landlords based abroad.

Since every owner has different requirements and it is partly at the discretion of the tax authorities whether the tax is due in a particular case or not, we cannot take it into account when pricing your apartment. Please consult your tax advisor for advice on this.

What does the ban on misappropriation (Zweckentfremdungsverbot) mean?
Only apartments that are systematically rented out on a daily basis and for less than 2 months fall under the ban on misappropriation. If the majority of your leases are for more than 6 months, you are on the safe side.

When will my apartment go online?
After the service contract is signed, we organize a photo session and put the apartment online within 2-3 days.

How much lead time do we need before renting?
Small apartments are often rented in up to two weeks, for spacious apartments in higher price ranges the lead time is usually up to 6 weeks.

Important Information for Tenants

What kind of apartments can I find at HOPE Apartments?
With us you will find minimalist & charmingly furnished studios and small apartments as well as spacious family apartments and design lofts in all central districts of Berlin. Personally furnished with attention to detail.

How are the apartments equipped?
All apartments are equipped with basics like dishes, bed linen, towels, dishwasher, washing machine and internet. In case of exceptions it is written in the apartment description.

What is the difference between HOPE Apartments and online booking platforms?
We are a sustainably managed and solid family business. Our team is always on site and personally takes care of viewings, apartment handovers, interim and final cleaning and repairs. Even if you need mail forwarded or someone to check on the apartment, we are happy to be there for you.

What do I have to do if I want to view an apartment?
Just make an inquiry for your desired apartment and we will gladly organize a viewing appointment for you. If you are on the other side of the world, we can also arrange a video call. By the way, we always do our best to depict and describe the apartments as realistically as possible. So what you see is true. Many of our customers also book our apartments unseen.

What is the procedure for handing over the apartment and the final cleaning?
Before you move in and after you move out, our apartments are professionally cleaned and the inventory is checked. Each tenant is obliged to pay for the final cleaning. The minimum duration is 4 hours, per hour 25 Euro will be charged.

How can I keep the costs for the final cleaning within limits?
Since there are very different ideas of cleanliness, it always happens that our professional cleaning team needs longer than the average 4 hours. We therefore recommend our intermediate cleaning service, which – like the final cleaning – is offered by our sister company future forward services.

I have not found a suitable apartment offer, what to do?
No problem, we receive new apartments every day. Simply contact us and tell us what you are looking for. As soon as your search profile achieves a match, we will send you the apartment offer before it is published.

What happens if something breaks in the apartment through my fault?
As a tenant at Hope Apartments, you are required to provide proof of personal liability insurance, or take out insurance if you do not already have it. This usually covers damage to the apartment caused by you. Please check with your insurance company if they will also cover damage to a rental apartment you are using.

What happens after I sign the lease?
After you have signed the contract, you transfer the first month’s rent and the deposit. The deposit will be held in trust by us in a separate deposit account. As soon as we receive the amount, we will organize the apartment handover date. We go through the inventory with you, note the meter readings and prepare a handover protocol. Within the first three days you have the opportunity to report any damage not caused by you that may have been overlooked during the handover.

What happens if problems occur in the apartment?
In case of problems with inventory, technology or water, simply call us or send us an email, we will then immediately take care of the repair by a specialist.

What happens when my move-out date is fixed?
As soon as your move-out date is set, we will organize a date for the handover of the apartment. We go through the inventory, read the meter readings and note any damage in the protocol. You will receive an estimate of the final cleaning effort. After the final cleaning is done, you will usually receive your deposit back within a few days.

Can I extend my stay in the apartment?
In principle, this is possible after consultation with us, should the apartment still be available for the extended period.

Do you have any further questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us – we are here for you!