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You have a condominium and are thinking about a furnished rental with Hope Apartments? In this blog article, we answer the most frequently asked questions.
How much does the furniture cost?

All important furniture and household goods, such as towels, bed linen, a vacuum cleaner, etc., which are used on a daily basis, should be included in a furnished apartment. Experience has shown that the cost of furnishing a fully equipped apartment is between 8 and 10 thousand euros. Hope Apartments recommends our partner Mbly 

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Are there any additional costs for furnishing?

The all-inclusive price is around 8-10 thousand euros. However, the price varies depending on the condition of the apartment. For example, if walls need to be repainted, the price may change. If the apartment is already partially furnished, the cost of furnishing may be reduced. The price varies depending on the size of the apartment. The all-inclusive price is for an average 2-room apartment.

What difference does it make if the apartment is partially furnished?

An apartment that is only partially furnished is rented at a lower price. This means a lower rent. This means that you, as the owner, cannot achieve a rental price with a partially furnished apartment that is the same as with a fully furnished apartment. The limited rental period can also be a problem.

An apartment that has a fitted kitchen, a dining table and a couch, for example, is referred to as a partially furnished apartment. However, a tenant is happy to pay more if an apartment is fully furnished and the tenant does not have to bring anything with them. In addition, the rental period of a fully furnished apartment is shorter (6-8 months) and is temporary. A partially furnished apartment, on the other hand, is more likely to be rented for several years.

What condition must the apartment be in before I can furnish it?

The condition of the apartment is not important. With us, you have an all-round carefree package. Depending on the condition of your apartment, we not only take care of the furnishings, but also minor repairs and renovation work. So you don’t need to worry about the condition of your apartment. We make sure that the apartment is habitable and comfortable as quickly as possible. We use our Houseritter  craftsmen for this.

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How much vacancy should I expect as an owner?

So far, we have been able to assume a percentage of 95% of tenants living in your furnished apartment. Due to the current real estate situation, we cannot promise 95%, but we will do our best to re-let your furnished apartment as quickly as possible after a tenant moves out.

Due to the current furnishing boom and the growing supply, we cannot promise 95%. However, if you need a permanent anchor tenant for the bank, for example, you can contact our partner ffr. The ffr smart fox is the secure anchor for regular rental income. Find out more at

Will I have problems with the tenants if I decide to use the condominium for my own use?

In the case of a furnished rental, the rental contracts are usually for a limited period. Most tenants only stay in our furnished apartments for a limited number of months, which is why you can live in your apartment yourself without any problems once the rental contract has expired.

What items do I need for a furnished rental?

In addition to furnishings, a number of household items are required for a fully furnished apartment. For example, a vacuum cleaner, bed linen or kitchen equipment. You can get an overview of what is needed for furnishing in one of our blog entries. Read the blog entry “Checklist for furnished living” to find out more.

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How long does the process take from furnishing to the first tenant moving in?

This varies depending on the condition of the apartment. As a rule, you can expect around 6 weeks until the first tenant moves in. The process includes furnishing, subsequent marketing and additional administration. The furnished apartment can also be photographed before it is fully furnished and equipped.

Are there advantages to renting several apartments with Hope Apartments?

If you rent several apartments with Hope Apartments, we will be happy to make new price proposals that are cheaper for you per apartment. In general, we take 20% of the rental price plus VAT. If you rent several apartments with us, we will be happy to take a step towards you.


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