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Temporary housing is becoming more and more interesting for tenants and landlords as both parties benefit from it. Not only in Berlin, but also in other major cities, temporary renting is developing steadily.
The concept behind temporary living

The concept of temporary living has proven itself in recent years and has become indispensable. Especially in Berlin, but also in many other major cities, living space is becoming scarcer and more expensive; studies have shown that there is a shortage of around two million affordable apartments in major German cities. Among other things, this means that temporary living is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is particularly worthwhile for business travelers and temporary Berliners. From the tenants’ point of view, there are many reasons why temporary living has developed into this trend.


Tenants of a temporary apartment pay a flat rent that covers all costs, such as utilities and Internet. The tenants do not have to conclude any contracts themselves, so that after moving in, the usual everyday life can continue directly, which is especially important for many working tenants. A furnished apartment also saves costs, time and effort for purchases such as furniture.

Rental process

Unlike long-term apartments, tenants do not have to go through a long process with apartment viewing, furnished apartments offer the advantage that they can be rented online, which is especially appealing to tenants from abroad. At Hope Apartments, we offer you the support you need to move into your new temporary home in just three steps. You can find out more on our website.

Residence registration

Unlike vacation homes or hotels, tenants can register their residence. This is generally advantageous, but also especially for tenants from abroad, because it is the only way to open a bank account or conclude cell phone contracts.


In contrast to a regular lease, tenants of a furnished apartment have the opportunity to choose the duration of the tenants as well as the period itself, so if you are planning to come to Berlin for a few months on business or for a semester, Wohnen auf Zeit has by the given flexibility a great advantage which is another reason for the ever-increasing demand.


The trend of temporary housing is clearly going uphill and will continue to do so in the future, this has clear advantages not only for tenants but also for landlords.


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