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Increased energy prices

Rising energy prices are currently causing problems for many landlords. Never before has so much had to be paid for heating and electricity as at the moment. In order that the shock is not quite so great when the annual utility bill arrives, we will explain what you can do to keep it as low as possible. Tenants of furnished apartments are not directly affected, but the issue is relevant to them as well. Because this change can cause an increase in rental costs.

Furnished rentals are usually done on a flat-rate basis with a gross warm rent. Unlike long-term rent, there is no recalculation based on the cost of the house, because it is not practical. It is difficult as a landlord to control and keep in check the consumption of his tenants on a temporary basis. However, there are ways you can achieve lower consumption as a landlord. You can make a big impact with simple changes.

Our tips:

1. check your electricity provider

On various comparison portals you have the opportunity to check your provider and if necessary you can then change it. It is also worthwhile to switch to green electricity at the same time.

2. replace incandescent bulbs with LED lamps

LED lamps are easy to install and operate. In addition, you can save up to 75% energy and the cost of LEDs in the purchase is kept within reasonable limits.

3. the impact of smart home on energy prices

Smart home systems have become indispensable in many households. Not only do they provide a high level of security, but they can also be beneficial in saving energy. Lights turn off when you leave the room, heaters can be turned on and off automatically, and even the temperature of the refrigerator can be regulated via smartphone. However, this reduced energy consumption not only saves the environment, but also the cost of your utility bill. For more information on smart home, read our article “Smart Home”, which explains further in detail.

4. reduce power consumption

All electronics such as household appliances and more should be unplugged when not in use, except of course the refrigerator, otherwise mold will develop. We also recommend that you pay attention to the energy class when replacing appliances. Have the freezer defrosted regularly. Small effort, big impact, as defrosting the freezer can reduce energy costs by up to 20%.

5. furnishings

If the rooms of your furnished apartment are well supplied with natural light on a temporary basis, yearn away from curtains in rooms such as the living room or kitchen. This will ensure that tenants use the natural light instead of turning on the lights and closing the curtains.

About Us:
We actively help ensure that our tenants are specifically educated. When checking in a furnished apartment, we walk through the apartment together with the tenants and specifically show them how to deal with heating and co as well as specific tips on how to ventilate during the heating season and more. In addition, we provide the tenants with a guide with further information when they move in.



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