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Three basic criteria are decisive for the rental success of furnished apartments: location, price and furnishings. Tenants are not only looking for accommodation, but a temporary home. In this article we share our experience on how to furnish your temporary apartment in the best possible way for your target group.

Simple & Uniform, because Mix & Match Will Not Lead to Success in this Case.

If too many colors, different materials or furniture styles clash, a room will look unharmonious and cluttered.

Our Tip:

Keep the wall colors simple and in a soft shade. This will make it easier for you to combine different materials or styles and set accents. Also, settle on a decorating style: Scandinavian, modern minimalist or retro – the main thing is that the style is recognizable throughout the apartment like a common thread. Precisely because tastes are so different, we advise keeping the decor minimal in general and working with accents. Do you have a lot of old, inherited trinkets? These fit in as special accents to an otherwise modern, minimalist furnished apartment! In a minimalist furnished apartment, you should pay attention to quality. The rule here is quality over quantity. Less is more here. Choose individual pieces of furniture wisely within a limited color and material palette and by function. Omit superfluous furniture and spotlight accents.

Décor and Equipment

The Décor of Your Furnished Home Should Meet the Following Criteria:

Quality, easy cleaning, functionality. Use our checklist!

To the Checklist
Our Tip:
  • Invest in quality. Quality pieces of furniture and equipment look good longer and last longer. This reduces recurring new purchase or repair costs. The environment benefits as well.
  • Make sure any furnishings are easy to clean. For example, towels should be washable at 60°C, furniture or decorative items that trap dust should be avoided, and so should carpeted floors or delicate sofa fabrics.
  • Functionality: Put yourself in the position of your potential tenants. They often come with only one suitcase, so do not need large bookshelves.
  • Read our full checklist of what should be in a furnished apartment here. You can use this checklist for your planning.

Go for the Right Light.

Well illuminated ceiling lighting is convenient for weekly cleaning, but completely unsuitable for creating a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, for a nice ambience, work with individual light sources, such as floor or wall lamps and indirect lighting.

Design of the Room

Be Brave & Divide Your Rooms!

You can divide large rooms with shelves and room dividers, sofas or curtains. Picture walls can further divide the room into visual areas without taking up space.


Set Accents with Selected Pictures or Decoration.

Again, less is more. Be careful not to clutter the apartment.

Our Tip:

When choosing pictures, don’t fall back on the classic Ikea motifs, but invest some time and money to find a suitable motif for your apartment. You may find a suitable unique piece at a flea market or find an original online. When it comes to decorative items, the rule is functionality over beauty. A table lamp, for example, can function as a decoration as well as a light source at the same time.

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