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Not only the location and price of a furnished apartment are decisive for the rental success. The furnishings - which also have an impact on the price - also play a major role. In this article, we provide you with a checklist of what furniture and equipment should be present in a furnished apartment, so that you can quickly prepare your property for rental.


  • Appliances:
    • Stove, incl. oven or microwave with baking function and at least 1 baking tray and 1 rack
    • Refrigerator with freezer compartment
    • Dishwasher (if possible)
  • Pots & pans: High quality pots have a long life span. That’s why we recommend investing a little more in quality for the basic equipment – this will save you regular new purchases in the long run.
  • Tableware, depending on the size of the apartment for four to six people. This includes: Soup plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, mugs, coffee cups, saucers, bowls, egg cups, large salad bowl. Our tip: buy a large service and set aside some pieces from it so that broken pieces can be replaced quickly.
  • Glasses: water glasses, wine glasses, possibly champagne glasses.
  • Cutlery: knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon, cake forks
  • Good cutting knife set: bread knife, vegetable knife, chef’s knife, kitchen knife, scissors
  • Cutting board
  • Other: spatula, soup ladle, wooden spoon, salad servers, pasta tongs, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, garlic press, peeler, whisk, measuring cup, salad spinner, colander, trivet
  • Electronic appliances: Kettle, toaster, blender, coffee maker (or manual coffee maker such as French Press, Aeropress, or porcelain filter)
  • Trash cans: these should allow for waste separation.
  • Textiles: dish towels, pot holders

Living & Dinig Room

  • Sofa and other seating, such as an armchair. These should be covered with easy-care material.
  • Couch or side table, incl. cushions and wool blanket
  • TV module/sideboard
  • TV: We recommend investing in a smart TV, as the majority of tenants have internet streaming services.
  • Dining table, incl. chairs
  • Floor lamp/table lamp

Work Space

Often furnished apartments do not have an extra study, although this is of course possible, for example, in combination with a guest bed. Nevertheless, we recommend providing a desk – even several desks in case your property is an apartment for a multi-person household. This can be located both in the bedroom and in the living room. In the case of a large apartment for several people, it is recommended to provide work facilities in each bedroom.

  • Desk, incl. drawer or external drawer container
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk chair
  • Extension cord: consider where the nearest outlet is and where your tenants can plug in their laptop charger, for example.


  • Bed: Note that a sofa bed is an eliminating factor for most tenants. If there is little space available, you should rather opt for a (single) bed and an armchair.
  • Closet with clothes rail, (wooden) hangers and compartments. Make sure you have enough storage space.
  • Curtains or blinds. Make sure the curtains are the right length. Curtains that lie open not only look unsightly, they get dirty faster.
  • Good mattress with easily removable and washable cover. In the best case, the mattress can be used on both sides.
  • Cushion cover for mattresses
  • Protective mattress cover
  • Good, not too thin fitted sheets, non-iron.
  • Blankets and pillows with synthetic filling, as they are washable and suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • If necessary, pillowcase to protect the pillows from yellowing due to sweat, for example.
  • Bed sheets, matching the size of the blanket. At least 2 sets.
  • For textiles in the bedroom area, look for quality. Materials should be non-iron or easy to iron.
  • Nightstand(s)
  • Reading lamp(s)
  • Bedspread and matching pillows
  • Laundry basket with lid for dirty laundry


  • Soap dispenser
  • Bathroom cabinet
  • Mirror
  • Towel holder or hanger
  • Toothbrush mug
  • Shower curtain or glass wall
  • Shelf for shower items in the shower
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Toilet brush
  • Trash can for hygiene items
  • Textiles: large, medium and small towels, bath mats
  • Hair dryer


  • Shoe cabinet
  • Shelf for wet shoes
  • Key holder/tray
  • wardrobe/coat hook
  • Mirror


If your property has a balcony or terrace, it is advisable to invest in good, weatherproof furniture, which can be placed on the balcony or terrace all year round.


Remember that your tenants are moving into a temporary home. Therefore, it is important that you not only provide the necessary equipment, but also create atmosphere. By providing easy-care carpets in the various rooms, a lighting concept, selected pictures and decorative items, you can create this very quickly. Also, make sure to hide cables. Read here how to set up your furnished apartment in the best possible way for your target group.


Fast Internet
Fast wifi should already be available when moving into the apartment. Since many tenants now work from home offices, this is a feature that should not be underestimated.

Smart Home
Consider investing in some smart home functionality. A smart lock or thermostat can save you a lot of work and hassle as a landlord. In this article, we cover in detail the benefits of smart home and in which areas we recommend features for temporary apartments.

Together with our sister company future forward services we are happy to support you in the furnishing and equipment process. Contact us easily and without obligation for a first consultation!


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