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The tenancy

With temporary housing, tenant and landlord agree on a regular lease. In this contract, all details such as rights and obligations are precisely regulated, and you will also receive a housing provider confirmation. At the same time, this means that registration with the citizens’ registration office is possible.

Is the lease binding for temporary housing?

When you sign a rental agreement for a temporary apartment, you are entering into a legally binding contract. Unlike hotels or vacation rentals, you cannot terminate or cancel it.

What exactly is regulated in the lease agreement for temporary housing?
  • Duration of the lease
  • Total rental cost
  • Deposit details
  • Fees of the final cleaning
  • Who is allowed to live in the apartment
  • Legal consequences in case of disregarding the rental contract
  • Maintenance of the apartment and inventory
  • Number of keys, towels, bed linen, pillows etc.
The differences from a regular lease

However, there are some differences from a regular lease. In the case of temporary housing, the rental period is limited in time and the apartment may not be sublet at any time. In the case of unfurnished apartments, however, the rental period is unlimited and the apartment may be sublet after consultation with the landlord. Temporary guests are welcome but only for a short period of time, e.g. over the weekend. This is also different with unlimited rentals. Guests are allowed to stay in the apartment for up to 6 weeks without the landlord’s permission. A last important aspect is the deposit. The deposit is returned to you relatively quickly in the case of a temporary apartment. With a regular lease, on the other hand, it can only be refunded once the annual service charge statement has been received.

Important: If you keep pets, this must necessarily be agreed with your landlord. Pets are prohibited in temporary apartments without permission.

Since furniture is rented to you, pets mean an increased risk for the landlord.

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