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As the owner of a property, which you want to rent furnished, furnishing plays a major role. The right furniture can not only increase the rent, but also turn the apartment into a real oasis of well-being. In this article we present you the most common mistakes in furnishing a apartment.
Simple tricks how to create a pleasant atmosphere in your apartment

Pay attention to details and do not neglect them. They often enchant an apartment into a real home. With simple tricks such as decoration by pictures, pillows, vases, plants or candles, you can create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your apartment. Also, make sure you have enough light and that your apartment is well lit – there should be both task lighting and cozy lighting. To save electricity, we recommend LED lamps.

Color coordination also determines the living atmosphere. In addition, an apartment looks more upscale, if the colors are well coordinated and kept rather simple.

Our tip: Keep wall color in a plain, warm tone and set accents with coordinated decorations.

A common mistake is to use furniture that is too cheap. However, a good mix of cheap furniture and quality is crucial. This will give your apartment personality and completeness.

Also, do not put all the furniture against the wall, but spread them around the room. This looks more cozy and open!

In general, find a balance of functionality and style.


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